official beginner tutorials on Vimeo , give me an error "you not allowed to do this"

As the title say, after downloading installing ue4 and registering at vimeo for getting the beginner tutorial videos i get a message that im not allowed, i confirmed my vimeo account and everything… this is really bad, im a new user and have such annoying basic problems in the first few minutes, i dont know if this is good advertisement for UE4…

i dont have a vimeo account at all, i can watch and download any video from just fine
Epic also have those videos on youtube

it was only the first in the list of the video tutorials (Unity® to Unreal Fundamentals) that gave you the error message because the given link was wrong. The link to that tutorial had a additional “#” at the end which results in the mentioned error message. But now the link is correct. The dispensable “#” was removed.