Official Ark Modding IRC

I would like to invite everyone to the official Ark modding IRC channel!

If you have an IRC client connect to:
Channel: #arkmodding

If you don’t have a IRC client, I suggest getting mIRC.

Or connect using your browser: QuakeNet Web IRC (qwebirc)

You will be expected to hold yourself to the same standards as would be expected on these forums.

I am looking forward to seeing you all around. The great discussions that we have had so far can only get better.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions related to IRC please leave a message below or message me on IRC at Figgis.

Thanks to everyone so far! We have had some wonderful people such as Frankloco, Epixerion, and others answering questions for others! Looking forward to see this grow!

Yeah irc saved my live so much <3

Trying to Sticky this thread. Need the Epic gods to grant my account demigod status for this sub-forum :slight_smile:

This IRC will save anyone trying out the ark dev kit many painful hours of trial and error, definitely worth every second i have spent on it

Please sticky this thread, it is so useful and everyone on it is super friendly and helpfull :slight_smile:

Thanks Figgis

Bump bump bump. Still trying to figure out how to Sticky :smiley:

like that;)

Did you try ModGlue™? :slight_smile:

Join IRC, within 5 minutes an issue i couldnt fix had been solved!

This valuable resources needs a bump.

I miss it. Haven’t been around there for ages… Soon!