Office WorkSpaceVR

Hi folks!

I’ve been working on this in my spare time for a little while, and wanted to let people download it and see for themselves. It’s a DK2 optimized ArchViz demo, but you can obviously use it in normal old-fashioned 2d as well;) Check out the Readme in the download for info about controls. This is a starting point for further VR workspace concepts and features that I’ll continue working on (more on that at another time).

Credit where credit is due… I hate modeling, so most of the set and many textures are from Evermotion. I did nearly all new UV’s, some new modeling and all new materials and lighting in UE4. There is a small bit of interaction that you’ll have to look for… somewhere in there;) This should scale pretty gracefully for VR on nvidia 700 to 900 series cards. It might work ok for cards even lower, since there is control for tapping down the screenPercentage.

Kudos to Epic, the lighting you can bake in here is really nice, and thanks to Koola for kicking off a great new trend and sharing some great info about pumping up Lightmass settings and handy postFX tricks. Hope you enjoy! More interactivity to come. Feedback is also welcome, especially for any VR-related issues.

Edit: Updated to 1.01
Fixes include optimizations, file size reduction, startup screen fix and scale corrections

Download Demo


Great demo, thanks for letting us try!

I think your VR scale is off by about 2. The keyboards, cups, chairs, everything seemed to be about twice as big as I’d expect them to be :smiley:

What would VR scale refer to? Everything is modeled to accurate scale. The only thing I’ve been unsure about is the player’s relative height requirements, as I want to be able to play this sitting down, but also standing up.

Under Settings > World Settings > VR there is a World to Meters property. I think the default value is 100, meaning 1uu is perceived as 1cm.

When you try the Couch Knights demo from Epic, does that level appear to have a different scale for you, compared to your WorkSpace demo? For me, the Couch Knight demo has perfect scale. Everything appears to be the correct size. Lots of other demos I’ve tried on my DK2 appear to have a scale issue, where everything is too big.

If you actually set up everything to be of accurate scale, then I’m not sure. But when I stand in front of one of the iMacs, the keyboard seems to be about 1 meter wide. The tea cups seems to be about 1 liter. The issue could be on my side though, I’m still new to VR.

Thanks for mentioning this! I’m curious, is it only some of the props that seem out of proportion to you? It may be true. Perhaps they snuck by me on my scaling. If that’s the case, and the rest of the room seems properly scaled, then I can assume it’s not a world settings thing, and more of a per-asset problem. I’ll double check tonight!

I’m not sure. I just gave it an other try and I’m still not sure :smiley: It’s hard to explain.

It could be related to the weird player height? Especially since I’m 1.95m in real life. Maybe this is why the Couch Knights demo seems to work better for me, because height doesn’t make too much of a difference when you’re seated.

I tried it standing up and that seemed to help. The iMac keyboards still looked like they were almost 1m wide, when in real life they’re maybe 30cm. I’m not sure about the couches. They could be right, but it felt like if I sat down and slid all the way back, my feet would come off the ground, and I’m tall. But that could be just the design of these couches.

Sorry if it looks like I’m trying to critique your work, because I’m not. It’s a great scene and I had a lot of fun walking around in it :smiley:

I’ll double check scale on a bunch of things tonight. I don’t take it poorly. I’m used getting and giving crits;) I also think it’s way fun to actually walk around in this, vs just sitting. Can’t wait to try it in the vive with a big open room!

Thing is Unreal scale, real world scale don’t work exactly as you think they would in VR. I forget where, but epic has said they have over exaggerated certain scales to make things feel proper in VR.

I’ve played around with world scale and slight alterations or manually changing the camera height seemed to help the scale feel right to me.

There are indeed a few scaling issues to work out in the scene. Thanks for the heads-up! I’ll work them out. In the meantime, I did play with the VR scale setting. It defaults to 100 which is proper for my scene (1UU = 1cm). But that was the coolest thing to set it to 1000 and explore the space as a miniature set;) I should open that setting up somehow in the demo. It’s really quite fun in VR.


That could actually be a nice alternative way of exploring archviz projects for people who get sick easily with FPS controls in VR. Putting the miniature room on some kind of table and allowing the user to rotate it, and inspect from all sides. VR is fun :smiley:

Pretty cool scene, nice work. =)

I updated the top post with a new version. I’ve fixed the scale issue, among other things.