Office Project Collaboration


If a game office is working on a single project and they are using a Repository like GitHub. Is the Master game kept on a network drive or is the game copied on each employee’s own computer and any changes they make are Pushed / Pulled to and from the Repository to share the update?

I’m curious if it better to keep the master game project on a single network drive that everyone has access to. Or if it should be copied on each employee’s machine.

Any feedback on this question would be great. If it’s confusing I’ll try to clarify more.

GitHub is and online hosting service but then in next sentence you talk about a network drive? Normal workflow is that everyone uses version control repository (hosted online or privately on internal servers) and does checkout to the branch being worked on and then pulls and pushes changes to it. No network drives or shares are used.

Thanks for replying Magnex. Do you know of a great network drive (private internal) Version Control Repository? One that is popular with the Unreal Engine? I’m just trying to establish a good workflow for internal office Unreal Engine projects.

You do not want to use a network drive as source control. Setup something like Perforce or GitLab on your office network if you want it internal.

Big studio here and we use a mix of Perforce and Git depending on how asset heavy the project is.

You can use Perforce free for up to 5 users. It integrates really nicely with the UE Editor and would be my choice if that limitation isn’t a problem. Plenty of free Git servers out there you can use, there’s a Git plugin for the editor knocking around but I’ve not tried it.

I looked into Perforce, is it the Helix Server you are recommending? Helix Server, Helix GitSwarm, and Helix Client?