Office Interior

Hey Guys,

After lurking the forums for awhile, I thought I’d post a few pictures of what I’ve been up to and hopefully gain some feedback and suggestions on how to improve my work. Also, to offer an knowledge I have gained through the process.

This is a small office scene I created to get a grasp of the workflow and engine. I still have a lot to learn and look forward to sharpening my skills. I truly believe this is the future of archviz and look forward to see where it goes.

For this project my workflow was from sketchup to 3ds max and then unreal. If you a have any suggestions or questions please let me know.


Hi mhagelsieb,

your project looks really intresting and the result is quite good, I think that it needs just some particular to make it more “live” (some paper, sheet, pencil, wall clock, water tank…) .
There some little issues to solve:

  • lightmapping uv’s errors on the back corners of the Mac
  • the front part of the Macs behaves in a strange way strange (see the image attached)
  • the mouses are floating

Hope to see soon som update :slight_smile:

Hey Paolo,

Thanks for the comments! This was definitely a quick test scene and lots to improve. My main goal was to get a handle on the workflow and how to quickly get a scene up and running. I’ll post some more photos as i continue to develop it.

Thanks again,

Great start! Love your desk material.

Some notes specifically from your second photo. Your iMac is not shiny at all. If you look at one in real life, the screen is like a mirror. This includes the black part surrounding the screen. And the white parts of the computer are not actually white; they are aluminum. So make it metallic and give it a PBR value for Aluminum (Physically Based Materials | Unreal Engine Documentation).

Your glass door is using some refraction, but this causes a nasty tearing on that right hand side when seen from an angle. This is a problem with Unreal, not your skill, but I would avoid using refraction on this door in particular because it is unnecessary.

добрый день! не могли бы скинуть мне ссылки для скачивание моделей, требуются очень качественные модели. Спасибо!

Good first pass! Like you I’m learning the software. As for the future of Archviz real time unbiased rendering will be the future, whoever gets there first remains to be seen.

How are you getting light into the room besides the light fixtures? Are you bouncing it in, hdri or spots shining in the windows? I’m searching for a good solution to that.

Unbiased realtime is not going to happen anytime soon. Look at brigade 3.0 from Otoy, it’s still noisy and require 120 gpu to work hehe! Exciting times ahead nonetheless!

Unless it’s run in the cloud. What’s the company that has cloud based unbiased now? Oh yeah, just Googled it - Lagoa is the name. Anyhow, people are working on it so it will happen.

Lot of cool stuff is going to be possible with the cloud! Can’t wait.

Nice work, I love the colors. =)