Office Corridor [UE4 / Real-Time Ray Tracing]

Hi everyone!
I did this project for learning more about modular environments and the real-time ray tracing function in Unreal Engine.
Inspired by the game Control.
Modelled with Blender, textured with Substance Suite and rendered in Unreal Engine.

Hope you like it

Also if you want to see more renderings and a video of the ray-tracing scene
just go over to my Artstation Post " "

Hello, this is beautiful. I am still very new but slowly start messing with blender and substance painter. I been doing some research and trying to make sure I understand the most efficient workflow to go from Blender -> Substance -> Unreal like you. I hope you can help do a quick breakdown of your workflow, thatll be amazing!

Do you do any texturing in Blender at all? Also do you bake all of your textures in Substance before moving to Unreal? What file type do you export out of Substance to unreal, obj? Thanks again and love your work!