Office building in France - Renderings and Video from UE4

Hi everybody,

Here are somes pictures and a video of our latest archviz project (we will soon post a capture from the real time walkthrough app)
It was kind a challenge for us as the project is really big (7,500 square meters) and we had a tight deadline (4 weeks from the first brief till delivery)
Everything is done with UE 4.13 except some minor color grading done in Premiere / Photoshop
We also used the really cool plugin ‘AutoLightmapUEr’ in order to deal with all the mess related to our lightmaps :wink:

Feel free to visit our website ( if you want more information about this project
Questions and comments are welcome

Cheers !!

The Obvioos’s team


That gray/white sky and slow music makes it feel like fall – not overselling on the sweet and summery :slight_smile:

Nice.I love it.Can you tell somethin about seting of lightmass?? Do you change lightmass ini file or not? How do you set up light in interior scene? It looks great :slight_smile:

Beautiful job!

Hey cs2010,

It looks spectacular. The exterior is especially impressive.

Have you considered making VR Tours of your designs? I have been playing around with this platform, I bet this would look really cool

I have to say, it’s obvioosly perfect! Great work guys, considering the size too

Amazing work! I would lower the bloom and cut the lens flare, but that is a personal preference. What program was the building modeled in? And how much interior detail (furniture, interior design, etc) was planned in that program?

Hi everybody,

Thank you very much for your comments !
Indeed, we decided to make this app feels like it’s Fall … we just looked through the window in order to find inspiration :wink:
@raiden1983 - As for our other projects (you can check our other posts) we decided to use Unreal without tweaking the lightmass.ini
Tweaking the lightmass.ini is really cool when you work on personal scenes but when it comes to do some professional projects (short deadlines, many updates), we think it’s more reliable to use Unreal as it is
If we can suggest something to the dev team, it should be really cool to have more control on the lightmap settings for power user and have simple presets for casual users (same as the new Vray version do)
@anonymous_user_6f6ca012 - We already tested some 360° tools.
You can see some drafts here : RoundMe - Immersive 360° panoramas : VR for real spaces
I didn’t know about, I’ll look how it works
Now we work with a friend’s company and they have their own in house 360° viewer (compatible with cardboards etc.)
@SBiegun_PDG - We modeled everything in 3dsmax (based on DWG files)
What do you mean by “how much interior detail (furniture, interior design, etc) was planned in that program?” (As you can see my English is far from perfect) :slight_smile:

Once again, thank you very much for your nice comments

The Obvioos team


Your tours look awesome! Shame I cant access roundme with GearVR though. And I get a bit of lag in web-VR mode as well.

Anyway, I like your work a lot - best of luck and I hope to see more