Offhand Slot


how can i override the shield animation when i put something in the offhand slot??

no matter what you put there, it automatically starts the “TPV_Hatchet_HM_Idle_Shield” animation, which is an additive anim. how can i make this stop? when i define nothing as default shield animation, it looks like this:


actually i have a backpack which goes there, but i don’t need the player to hold his hands like he holds a shield…

alternatively i can imagine to make (secondary )weapons go in the offhand slot and use them with the secondary attack (right mouse button)

no one uses the offhand slot for stuff?

On equipped this works 100% for 3rd person but will revert to default “holding” anim in 1st person if you switch weapons. 3rd person was all I really cared about so didn’t go any further than this. I suppose you could do it on a tick or looped timer to keep it from reverting.

The also recently added some animation overrides to the PGD that may work too. Haven’t looked into them just know they are there

thank you very much!
strangely enough i have the same setup for TPV and my guy still ends up like this:
no matter if i try to apply on equipp or on begin play inside the buff…


but i’ll look into the FPV solution and also the PGD overrides.
I don’t really know what the difference is between animation montage and sequence, but it seems like the default shield anim (TPV_Hatchet_HM_Idle_Shield) is a sequence.
trial and error work is so much fun :frowning:

At least it’s interesting to see, that this gives me the exact same result as pictured above:

EDIT: seems like if i add the whole logic (including your FPV part) it works until i use a weapon and put it away. he suddently goes back to “knot-mode”.
even if i tick this, there is a short moment where the TPV mesh is distorted very badly before it goes back to idle.