Offering sfx / ambience audio service for folio purpose

Hello everyone !

I am looking to add some sound effect / ambience effect work to my folio and I’am thinking offering that here since it much better to do that stuff on purpose.

Anyway, there is couple point i would like to make for who’s would be interested.

  • Project already in good shape ( gameplay, graphics ) preferred.
  • Keep your list short and precise as possible on what you would like to get.
  • Not be in urgency or impatient ( since I got daily job and day are long ).
  • Non exclusive right on contents made ( mean that I want keep the right to use created contents to my convenience )
  • Be able to provide visual reference from your game to illustrate mood and sound wanted will be big plus.
  • Provide constructive criticisms and feedback ( doing it free doesn’t mean you should take it all “as is” and that’s also my point of doing this ).

You can check my audio page from my website ( signature link ), however it does just have music…for now :smiley:
If you are interested and want contact me please use the contact page of my website here

Feel free to reply here if you have any question.

Thanks for reading !