Offering money to programmer with Knowledge on Blueprint network performance....

I’m Offering 500 euros to programmers that are willing to.

-Make game fluent in multiplayer…
-Not willing to waste my time…
-Not willing to ask for royalties
-Have a big knowledge and willing to be able to explain to another programmer the things that make the game perfect for multiplayer… A non lag kind off Fortnite performance.
-Give me permission to add him on credits
-Not willing to have any authority over the game play core mechanics just
-Be able to help me for ever, this 500 means help me for ever in this game project, any time until 5 years have passed.
-Have at least discord or skype or whatever chatting system.

this is the game. Right now called tactical recon squad

UnrealRecon Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4 game - Indie DB :rolleyes:

I am trying to save You time waiting for some coder here, since I doubt any honest person will pick this task.

That 500 euros may be adequate or may be nothing compared to task you want done. You need to explain more things, that help estimate size of task.
With paying just 500 euros you must drop that 5 years of unpaid service, and offer some flat fee for person willing to help.
Because that 5 years service alone for any type of task requires at least 2 more zeros.

Now questions about your game:

  • is it entirely Blueprints or BP\C++ mix,
  • is coder allowed to add C++ code (easier for multiplayer to add core functions in C++ then expose that to blueprints). Also this would be easier to separate his\her code from your blueprints.
  • do you have any lobby system, matchmaking etc done (like umg user interface). Is coder required to do this, or will he\she be required to add that during 5 years period.
  • do you want that coder to help you with optimizing your game in future? Ie. will You require to update code because game works too slow after you added multiple new features in future.
  • do you plan multiplatform for this game in future? Or integrating with steam (other services), Doing backend for this (like dedicated server, and some web interface) that is included in those 5 years.

It’s all blueprints, Yes of course C++ is a go, it’s just the CORE done…
Dedicated server, BTW now royalty is possible mode on. But those are easy 500 included.