Hey friends, welcome to Off-Topic! In opening up a new forum to discuss any and everything, we want to further encourage everyone to keep the conversations positive and constructive. We understand that people have different opinions on a number of things, let’s listen to Bill S. Preston, Esquire’s advice and “Be excellent to each-other”.

Some Ground Rules:
Be Professional.
Be Courteous.
Be Respectful.

I don’t want to have to close the forum due to the inability to uphold these simple guidelines. :slight_smile:

Now… “Who shot first?”


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Nice! Finally we have an off-topic section :smiley:

So many changes these days ^^ -> new section, new “member titles” (even with colour :D)

Expect more in the coming weeks :slight_smile:

Oh, finally an off-topic section where we can poke each other’s eyes out. :slight_smile:
Which reminds me, General Discussion is attracting 90% of spams so what if we quietly migrate the useful threads in that section to a new section and leave the spams fill it as they wish, like a quarantine area? :eek: And of course, i am being ridiculous.

And i agree, nice forum and AnswerHub changes lately!

well this is an unexpected bonus, I’ts good that everyone now has a place to talk about anything:), although I think it needs a new icon:p

Actually Jacky,

I would gladly make a compromise with the spammers that they can have one forum section all to themselves if they leave all the rest alone. :slight_smile:

Additional art and other changes to keep coming.

Awesome :slight_smile:

Let’s send them a message and then they can have their own forum section :stuck_out_tongue:

Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome or really really Awesome?

Great to have this section. Thanks Epic! :slight_smile:

Thanks for hearing my call for an offtopic forum Chance!

Both. Certainly both :slight_smile:

And kill everyone you meet

  • Sniper

Hi guys.

I’m new here, but not to 2.5D softwares. As in 3dsmax and Sculptris. Do you think I’m wasiting my time here or I can contribute, even if knowledge only?
Thank you in advance by the way.

HI wave31,

We welcome people of all skill levels to come teach, learn, or just check out the engine!

Han… of course

Noted. Happy new year!

I am new here in Unreal Engine. I want to know more links or video about Unreal Engine. Starting from the beginning of Unreal mechanics.

I started Unreal engine after finding out that my favourite game (Crash Bandicoot 4: It about Time) was made on it!