Off the Grid Games looking for Programmer for SciFi Steam game


Hey there,
I am Arrone, the Project Lead representing Off the Grid Games Development team, looking for a dedicated and talented programmer.

Escape Pod is a sci-fi multiplayer deathrun game waiting to release Early Access on Steam. Online subsystems and core mechanics are being refined for better gameplay.


  • Deathrun your way through a doomed space station to the nearest Escape Pod
  • Get to the Escape Pod first before the other players
  • Avoid obstacles along the way
  • Use tools and obstacles you find to slow down or get other players killed
  • Twitch Integration




Link to OTG Games

Work will be done remotely and collaboration will be done through Git.


  • 1-year experience using Unreal Engine
  • 3 years of working with a programming team
  • Advanced knowledge of C++


  • Steam
  • Git
  • Jenkins
  • API Integration


Compensation as a programmer will be revenue-shared based on the current project. Details will be discussed in the interview.

  1. Send in an application
  2. Set up an interview
  3. Team Integration and Trial
  4. Make space magic**[/CENTER]
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Email: [EMAIL=“”]


The team has come a long way with milestones being met consistently. We plan on releasing to Steam and would like you to be a part of it! The team is eager to share the awesome experience of releasing games with you that others will enjoy playing.**