Off The Coast

I am trying to re-create this concept by madspartan013 in devianart. This is a learning process and I will be doing it very slow. I have no prior experience working with Unreal engine / UDK. Any kind of comments and suggestions welcome :slight_smile:
The scene I am creating in UE4 is pretty different from that in the concept in terms of design. This is because I want to create some interesting elements in the map, instead of just copying the concept which would be boring in terms of a game world. I will post the latest image in this first post hereafter

That looks pretty nice, will keep an eye on this :).

This is a great start to your project sgv3dmax! I am really excited to see how this scene progresses along. Be sure to keep us posted and keep up the awesome work!

Thanks guys.
Currently I have 3 textures on the terrain material which has zero metallic and 0.5 roughness. Is it possible to make a 4th blend with a certain amount of glossiness? I need to paint wet mud on the lower terrain close to water.

Worked on some rocks placement and tried painting some grass. Could anyone give me some tips on how to make a blend texture for terrain which has more glossiness than the other textures? I need to paint wetness patches on the terrain :slight_smile:

Looking good bro! Keep it up! :slight_smile:

How do you have your material set up? If you’re using the material functions/master material set up, sure you can do that, but if you’re using the (horrible IMO) standard terrain painting method, then you’re going to have a hard time doing what you need.

whatch out for the scale, your rock formations and grass make the architecture look as big as a professional sand castle.
Rest looks ok though, especially the concept art!

Attaching the material editor screen here:

Another update. This time I tried playing around with Worldmachine and generated a height map, which I think suites my scene.

Looking good! Keep it up. :smiley:

Worked on terrain and mine textures. Modified the grass and foliage. The rail section from mine needed some work. So added a joint to it and placed two trolleys.

This just keeps getting better and better!

Worked on the interior of mine. I plan to make the interior into a small room with some machinery. The roof will have a vent and rotating fan. The mine is now modular pieces. Floor is a second piece of terrain. Work is in progress and I plan to work a little bit more on the interior before moving on to the giant building.

Looks good … keep it coming … good job. 8-}

Added a fence support to the mine walls. I was thinking about how to approach the hole in the inner cell roof. I want natural light inside it. So decided to make a large hole in it and make some concrete rubble on the floor. This is very much WIP.

Looks really cool, are you going to use this in some sort of game?

No plans for any game as of now. I envision it as a very small map mainly for art portfolio and the viewer could walk around. There could be some interactive elements down the line like a switch or something which you can activate to access something in the level like open a door for example. Also I want to learn UE4 and took this as a playground for that. Thanks for asking :slight_smile:

The background terrain needed some work and I painted some tiling rocks and grass on landscape that is close to playable area. Also painted some random trees that are just 2 tris alpha cards. The water sample that came with the 2014 Features tour is pretty good and I migrated it to my level. Had to do a lot of tweaks on the wave length, amplitude and colors to match my style. Will be tweaking it down the road while the map gets updated. Also moved the island little bit away from shore line since the player will have a better view to admire the building from close. Here are some screen shots.

Decided to make the playable area smaller since it was getting too difficult to manage. The wall on right side facing mine was moved in. Tried vertex painting some of the rocks. Tell me what you guys think