Off-Site Project Advena Level Designer

Project Title:
Project Advena (working title)

Studio: IllFonic LLC (

IllFonic is looking to expand our resources and hire on an off-site level design contractor on Project Advena.

Responsibilities include:
laying out level design and functionality based on content design
implementing gameplay elements in level
heavily scripting key hero moments in the game
heavily scripting AI interactions
rapid iterating and working with artist to deliver high quality work

Must be very skilled with blueprint and it’s features.
Must be able to work the same hours as the team working on Advena so there is not a shift in core hours.
Must be able to commit to 40 hours a week.
Must be able to give detailed breakdown of daily work
Must be able to work directly with project producer and directors to ensure things are done on time and move forward
Must be able to handle feedback and work with a team effectively
Strong communication with other team members is a must

About Studio:
IllFonic, LLC was established in 2007 in Denver, CO - USA. We’ve worked on many projects as a studio and are now branching off into our own IP again. IllFonic employees around 50 team members internally and externally.

Please submit resume and portfolio to - we would like to be able to look at previous blueprint work to judge capabilities.

Thank you!

Is this an Unreal Engine project? I ask because Illfonic are usually associated with CryEngine.

Based on this information I would assume that is correct.

All of our projects are now UE4, no more CryEngine for us :stuck_out_tongue: