Off-axis stereoscopic projection on big screen using motion capture system

Hey guys,
this is demonstration of my recent school project - stereoscopic off-axis projection in Unreal (or motion parallax)

Stereoscopic version

Glasses used for head tracking

-For motion tracking I am using OptiTrack motion capture system.
-Videos are little shaky and not the best quality so sorry for that :slight_smile:
-This demonstration have only very little functionality however it is a good base for making off-axis games.
Unfortunately not everybody can have mocap/stereoscopic big screen setup like this at home :stuck_out_tongue:
-This whole setup is located in Masaryk University in Brno.

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Very cool!! Congratulations! :smiley:

Thank you :slight_smile:

This is amazing! Wow, a magic window. Would you indulge us with some details about your implementation? For instance are you adjusting




? Are you using existing HMD implementation to do head tracking etc. Would love to read about this.

Thanks :slight_smile:
I think




weren’t in latest build of UE one year ago when i did this, but maybe i am wrong.

To edit perspective matrix i found nice trick in this thread and i did some modifications in order to work properly.

Stereoscopic rendering wasn’t supported by UE at the time, except from some experimental flag which was designed only for HDM devices and i was unable to combine it with my custom editing of projection matrix. So instead of this i used split-screen where i represented each eye by one player, set to windowed mode and stretched window to two displays so each projector projected scene for one eye.

Feel free to download whole project if you want :slight_smile:


That’s some innovative thinking :slight_smile:

Thanks for the share, I might snoop around a bit. I’ve gotten off-axis projection working pretty easily with the new parameters but it’d be interesting to compare your projection matrix to the one the editor generates when using off-axis projection and see if they are identical or different.

What was your approach for setting up off center projection?

Thanks for the share :smiley: