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[HR][/HR]Hey guys,
I’m proud to present to you something we’ve been working on for the last couple of months called ODIN Tracker :slight_smile:

We hope you enjoy the read and we would love to hear your feedback (if any) either here on the forums or via one of our various methods of contact listed below.

[HR][/HR]ODIN Tracker is a UE4 Plugin that greatly increases workflow efficiency in-editor when it comes to using both Source Control and Project Management Software/Services i.e. a tool that does the job quickly and hopefully annoyance-free as to allow an artist, designer or other to get back to what he/she does best, which is to create magic :wink:

After all,
Both you and they don’t really want to be paid to fiddle around with Source Control and Project Management Software/Services any longer than is absolutely necessary…

[HR][/HR]Product Summary
[HR][/HR]The ODIN Tracker UE4 Plugin has the following sub-modules:

  • Task Tracker (JIRA, GitHub, Trello, etc.)
  • Capture Tool (Image/GIF/Video + entire Blueprint capture and post-capture editing tools).
  • Time Tracker (Tracker/Logger + Timesheets with upload to JIRA/Other).
  • Settings + Custom Templates and Workflow Builder Back-End.

We have plans for both an Offline Mode which will be partially completed in the 1.0 release with the remaining features being added in 1.1 through to 2.x and features to support running the plugin at run-time within your game for QA and Alpha/Beta Testers to have access to with included granular permission settings to manage QA, Private, and Public Alpha/Beta Tester submission access rights.

We are also looking at supporting a 3D Space Issue/Task placement with the UE4 Editor Viewport that would include:

  • Sign/Marker with text (In-Viewport + Runtime).
  • Area/Volume Marker (In-Viewport + Editor PanelTab + Runtime) e.g. build house/car park/shopping mall within this grid space.
  • Tag to object (In-Viewport + Editor PanelTab) e.g. “This tagged [ISSUE-KEY] mesh has a broken collision volume.”

ETA on this feature is uncertain at this stage but some elements of this feature set will most likely make their way into somewhere between 1.0 through to 2.0

[HR][/HR]Estimated Release Date

  • Alpha Released on the UE4 Marketplace = Feburary 2017
  • Beta Released on the UE4 Marketplace = Late Q2 2017
  • v1.0 Released on the UE4 Marketplace = TBD

[HR][/HR]Estimated Price

  • Basic Functionality = FREE
  • Advanced Functionality (v1.0 Price) = $75 USD per-user (one-time payment for all updates included in the 1.x release)
  • Enterprise Functionality = TBD
  • Premium Support = TBD

Pricing Breakdown

  • ALL-IN-1 PRICE = Alpha ($50) -> Beta ($62.50) -> v1.0 ($75)

Add-ons Purchased Separately

  • ODIN Core = FREE!
  • ODIN Capture = Alpha ($10) -> Beta ($12.50) -> v1.0 ($15)
  • ODIN Tasks = Alpha ($20) -> Beta ($25) -> v1.0 ($30)
  • ODIN Time = Alpha ($5) -> Beta ($7.50) -> v1.0 ($10)
  • ODIN QA = Alpha ($15) -> Beta ($17.50) -> v1.0 ($20)

[HR][/HR]If you have any Questions, Comments, Bug reports or feature requests for this plugin, or you wish to contact us in general then feel free to email us at [EMAIL=“contact@odintracker.io”]contact@odintracker.io / [EMAIL=“contact@binarysword.com”]contact@binarysword.com or join our official Discord server at http://discord.odintracker.io

We have also setup up a JIRA Service Desk: http://tasks.binarysword.com/servicedesk/customer/portal/14

[HR][/HR] Feel free to Like, Follow, and Subscribe on our various social networks:

Which should become rather active leading up to the ODIN Tracker’s release date (TBD).

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This website is gone. Does anyone know of anything similar that can take full blueprint screenshots?

bump bump …Anyone know how to take screenshots of an entire blueprint at once?