Oddly acting saved Transform, when setting on different object

Hi, I’m new to Unreal Engine and I’m trying to create “procedural” floor, where I set different mesh for start of the floor, middle of floor and end of the floor. I have some basics, I can create the Start floor mesh and then continue using the Middle floor, but in the end I’m trying to set the end floor and its location is acting very weirdly. As I increase the number of Middle floors (trough Visible Variable), the end floor is not positioned at last Transform saved (which is the last Middle floor) even tho I’m setting it correctly.

I’m giving out the Blueprint for speeding up the debug, its really messy since I’m really frustrated with it, so I didn’t simplified it or optimized it yet.
(if you are actually opening the blueprint, i don’t care that objects are rotated this way for now, i just want the End part have the same location as the last middle part)

I will be really thankful it anyone is willing to help me :slight_smile:

2 middle platforms and the end was set to same location as last middle platform (also, im not positioning the end platform, its all by construction script)

As I increase numbers the gap gets bigger

Here is a simple quick solution , you will also need to adjust your models to be perfectly tileable to avoid adding extra scaling , offsets …

Hi, thank you for your helping looks good to me now :). I just want to ask, was my problem in setting the Transform that I saved ? Because what I see is you optimized the code and it’s somehow working :smiley: so what did I do wrong?