Odd values when rotating models in editor

I get odd values when rotating a model. (Rotation snap is on).

Example one: When I rotate my model on the Z axis, the X axis changes to: -179.999954 °.
Example two: When I rotate my model and then rotate it back to the starting position the value changes to: 0.000001 °

I can manually enter in a number, and it’s kept, but if I rotate the model again, the value changes.
This happens whenever I rotate anything in any window. Editor, blueprint, etc.
Any Help would be great!

i believe its a issue based on the accuracy of floating point values. the values are generally derived and not always stored as plain text. in 99% of cases that degree of deviation from the rotation you mean to have shouldnt be a problem.

for example if you had a 1 degree difference it would result in a 1.7 meter difference at 100 meters.

generally 100 unreal units = 1 meter


Alright, I have experienced similar issues in 3Ds Max when modelling, very small or large objects. On the other hand, are more people experiencing this? I have never encountered this before.

for me it happens quite often but i dont think its a big deal