Odd Texture Mapping

Hi. In maya, I’ve UV mapped my objects. I always use a checker texture so I can see that everything is uniform.

However, when bringing into Unreal, there are areas of my models where the textures are warped… the mapping has messed up.

When I go back into Maya and give it a checker, everything is fine.

Does anyone know why this is happening?

Here’s an example in Maya

In Unreal, you can see that areas are streched

It’s happening in other areas like faces on floors and walls are messed up etc


Check which UV map is being used in the Static Mesh editor, I have seen UE sometimes use the wrong UV Map

Hi, Can you tell me where I can find this?

Same here Can you tell me where I can find this? pppppppppppplz

Open the mesh editor and type in the details box on the right side “UV” it will tell you which channel it’s using. Also if you have made manual lightmaps in maya you could be using the wrong channel (when you create a new uv set it automatically starts using it).