odd texture change on map

i have 2 issues with a map I’m playing around with, the first is that at a certain height on my map it cuts a line and changes color of the texture above the line, the line is also bloomy as all hell. I’m not sure why this is happening. the other issue is where 2 textures meet its got this weird black leading sporadic edge I cant seem to get to stop. anyone know how to fix these?


apparently the issue is that the terrain was too low in the world, moved the terrain above that line and it fixed a lot of weird light issues i was having.

That is the waterline as defined in the main bp, you can alter this height to suit your needs but the easiest solution is to do what uve already done and just move the landscape further up on the Z axis

maybe im blind but i dont see a water level in the level BP…

figured it out, it wasnt tehre looked at the island and copied what they did thanks.