Odd results when exporting to Maya

Hi there,

When my MetaHuman comes into Maya, I get this…

No textures (DX11 enabled), no materials on the head, the head rig is 90degrees offset from origin, and the head rig doesn’t work. It’s also brought in all LODs despite me specifying only LOD0.

I’ve tried this in Maya 2018 (same result but no body mesh either), 2020 and the latest 2020.4. All basically do the same thing. I also tried it with both a custom MH and one of the stock ones, same result. Latest version of bridge and the Plugin updated.

Please advise.

Kind regards


Hi Martin,
I have left a comment on a different thread regarding the same issue.

Hopefully this resolves your issue.
In case of additional errors, please attach the output from Script editor so we could track the issue further.