Odd pathfinding points

Hey all,

I was trying to figure out why my AI was having trouble driving on my circuit and saw in the debug mode that they target these seemingly random points sometimes.
The blackboard target constantly moves around on a spline away from the vehicle depending on their speed.
Most of the time it follows the target correctly but they also do weird stuff from time to time.
I’m not that bothered atm when they cut corners. But I don’t like when they suddenly brake because their target point is suddenly 1 m to their left.
I have disabled RVO and crowd avoidance, so the vehicle should just follow the path neatly.

Does this behaviour look similar to anyone?
I’m using the Vehicle AI Plugin btw. If no one can help me I’ll contact the developer. But I want to try and make sure it’s not related with this plugin but more my implementation.


For future reference, the issue was that the pathfinding tiles were too small.
I made them 5 times larger and the paths were more consistent with what I would expect.(See project settings)
Thanks for the help Mark