Odd issues with tiny vehicles and AdvancedVehicleComponent

Hello guys,

For the last week I’ve been trying to setup rc car project using the advanced vehicle component and make it work but i have some issues. I’ve encountered almost every issue on the internet, fixed the car to a state where I have no idea what to tweak. What I fixed over the course of vehicle creation:

  • Setup the car pointing positive X direction
  • Exported with Z up
  • Bones are rotated correctly towards positive X direction
  • Anim BP is working perfectly correct when it comes to steering and accelerating
  • Tweaked chasis dimensions and wheel dimensions as well
  • Reset the transformations before exporting (location & rotation is 0 and scale is 1) for everything

What is currently happening is when I accelerate, the car is leaning behind, if I turn the car, it takes about 5 - 7 seconds to make the suspension react correctly. I assume maybe it’s something to do with the torque curve I don’t know honestly. I’ve been fighting this for days. No solution on the internet and I’m sure it’s something very simple I’m missing.

Here’s a video explaining what is going on: