Odd issues with capitalization in blueprint

I’m working on a tutorial mission for my game, which involves a number of text strings.

Previously, I was doing the text strings as string objects (FStrings) in Blueprint, and I was seeing an odd issue where it would ignore changes I made to those strings if my changes solely involved changes to capitalization – i.e. changing “Build a Castle” to “Build a castle” or vice versa would leave the string unchanged.

So then I changed the strings to “text” objects. And now I’m seeing an odd issue where it will properly perform the change in the Blueprint script, but when I actually run the game, I’ll still see the old text string (i.e. it will say “Build a Castle” when the Blueprint shows “Build a castle”).

It’s gotten to a point where I’m having to make arbitrary punctuation changes to my text strings just to get it to register the capitalization changes properly.

Well, I don’t know exactly about the second issue (thought they seem related), but it’s pretty clear that Blueprints are instructed to only change the contents of a string if the compared strings (or whatever the data type is) do not match already, and I’m guessing that comparison function just sets everything to be the same case. So if you wanna rename it, for now you can at least change a letter somewhere, alter the one you REALLY wanna change, and then switch the other letter back after choosing “rename” a second time.

mike → Maike → Mike

That’s what I’ve been doing. Does this help?

Right – the problem seems to be that the comparison function is case-insensitive, and there’s apparently no way to change that default.

The workaround you suggest is more or less what I’ve been doing to get around it.

What I really need is for someone from Epic to say, “This will be fixed [or a workaround will be available] in 4.8.x” …

It’s been like this in UE3 and I don’t believe it will ever change. Same happened to kismet / matinee there. I often added space at the end and then removed it in case there were problems with aligning because of it. Not every field accepted spaces, though.

Yeah, but I know Epic have higher standards than to let this issue go unaddressed forever …