Odd geometry coming out of self-built Mixamo character when imported into UE4.

Hey Everyone,

So we created a couple of custom characters with Mixamo and auto-rigged them, then picked some animations and brought them into the engine. We followed all of the Mixamo directions from This Video, and encountered a couple of major issues while bringing the characters in.

First off, the characters had some weird geometry flipping out after the import

And then this error message came up

And finally this message, “Error Mesh contains Hips bone as root but animation doesn’t contain the root track”.

My question for you all is has anyone else had similar issues like this while importing a Mixamo character? Are there any simple solutions. If so, what worked for you? What could I possibly be doing wrong?



  • Danny

I have the problem with the geometry too (when downloading the file there wasn´t the option to download a version for the ue4 as it used to be, i´ve chosen the “normal” fbx). Import caused no problems on my PC, but the whole engine is crazy on a Macbook pro, i can´t even create projects there, so that may be a problem. Do you have access to a Windows-pc? Or at least a virtual machine (if you don´t own a windows licence, you can go for the 30-day-trial for testing)? Then try it out there to see if the mesh or the installed engine causes the problem. But sadly i have no solution for any of your problems, but i´ll let you know when i found the solution.

Thats wired, you have access to a dcc software like maya, 3dmax or blender to examine the file and check skinweights and bone structures?
Maybe then you can post a screenshot of the hierarchy and stuff.

This tutorial right here provided the solve for us.

Apparently I accidentally exported the character as a .FBX instead of an unreal FBX.

This is what caused the issue.

Thanks for the input guys,