Odd Foot Twitch on Blender Anim Inport

First off some Gifs,
In Blender:

In UE4

  • Both my Controls and Bones have clean rotations (meaning no roll or odd rotations)

  • I have tried exporting without Controls and then Blender gives bad export (still trying to figure this issue out on another forum)

  • The model is scaled and rotated correctly

  • There are no blendshapes.

  • Here are the export settings:





Blender is Version 2.78c
Unreal is 4.15

Thank You!

So, there is no “fix” for this, as far as I could find. There is only a workaround.

The workaround is to export the animation and model from UE4 and then import it into blender, fix the odd twitches there (which weren’t there in the original file) and then re-export. This works fine. But its really annoying. Hope someone, can find a better way to fix this.

Hi, this is what fixed it for me:

Select armature → edit mode → select bone → set roll to 0

After that, I went in pose mode to readjust the pole target, to compensate.

This model was exported from UE4 (armature included) and the entire leg was rotating weird from the hip when I imported back to UE4. Stuff like this happens in blender too if you pass the 180 degrees limit for a bone that’s used for IK. Not sure why sometimes it only happens in UE4 and not blender.

Hope this helps.

This fixed it, Just use FBX 6.1 ASCII instead for Blender to UE4 in regards to Skeletal Animations, with “Optimise Keyframesoff.