Odd Error

Hi guys can someone help me with this, why am i getting an error saying that there is a “,” missing from line

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Line 13: UPROPERTY() meta tag error.
should be BlueprintReadOnly.
Also remove the comma after Category = Testing, better/ safer to do Category = “Main Categort, Sub Category”
Also it should be int32 not int.

Thanks for your help so far but i have a couple of new questions what does meta tag do what should be their i cant find any documention on what information i should put there, and i get a new error “BlueprintReadOnly Should not be used on private members” what does this mean and what dictates if something is privet or public?

The resson for this is due to the changes made in 4.6 and the class macro.
Previesly GENERATED_UCLASS_BODY() was the default macro added to a UE 4 class.
And all members under it whould be public.

With the new GENERATED_BODY() all members under it are private.
The solution is as simple as adding public: under the top macro like you whould in most cases anyway.


Interestingly enought uses BlueprintReadOnly on private section and it compiles… it is a new video from october… I wonder if Im doing something wrong?

You can use BlueprintReadOnly on a private property by adding ‘meta = (AllowPrivateAccess = “true”)’ in the UPROPERTY macro.

it was a typo there are 2 “ss”, sad that meta info isnt compile time checked :).