OCVR Hackathon Compilation

Hey everyone, I’ve been participating in Orange County VR’s hackathons. I have compiled the 2 experiences that I made into one package - The plan is to submit this for hosting on oculus share, and I would love to have some people take a look at it before submitting. This was made for VR, however things will work just fine without an HMD.

Experiences are:
Pvramids - A passive journey through the Pyramids of Giza - Theme was “education” - Won 2nd place

Temple of Shadows - A “haunted house” of sorts - Theme was “horror” - Won 1st place (Got a leap motion as prize!)

And here’s some videos OCVR made post-hackathon! spoiler warning :wink:

Edit: Deleted download link. Download from now

I’ll be showing this in the “VR Zone” at Indiecade this weekend, come say hi if you’re attending!

Also going to add something a bit more “psychedelic” for the night games :slight_smile:

Ended up not submitting this to Oculus Share.

But I recently discovered and decided to host it there!

In celebration of its “launch” I’ve assembled an asset pack.

This package contains:

  • Unrolled scroll

  • Canopic Box

  • Canopic Jar

  • Mummy

  • Torch

  • Mastaba

  • All 3 Pyramids of Giza modeled to scale

  • Entrance mesh and Interior for the pyramid of Khufu

  • Sarcoughagus with opening animation + sound

Asset pack download:Dropbox - Error

As a reminder: This will be perfectly playable without a Rift. Press ALT+Enter to fullscreen. Press “T” at the main menu to visit the secret nightgames level.