OCULUS VR - Hand Tracking Collision/Physics


We are trying to play with the Oculus Hand Tracking with an oculus quest 2 and UE4 4.26.
Our problem is that we cannot get working the physics simulation with the Oculus Hand Component.
We have setup the body and constraint on the hand mesh but they are still passing through objects …

Did someone have succeed to enable physical simulation with the hand tracking in VR?
The goal is to not use custom poses.


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i’m facing the same problem, what i’ve noticed if that if tick the option initialize physics AND you dont choose any mesh thus using the oculus hand mesh that is generated on runtime you can actually do physical interactions, hope this helps

i had the same problem too but i found a way. in beginplay use “setPhysicsAsset” node to set the physics asset and then call the “initialize Hand Physics” after that its working for me.

I’ve been using OculusHand SkeletalMesh and fixed CollisionCapsules this way:

You do not have to use UPoseableHandComponent, just inherit directly from UOculusHandComponent. And use bCustomHandMesh instead of bCustomPoseableHandMesh.

I’ve managed to find a way.

MetaXR Plugin version: 57.0
HMD: Oculus Quest 2
Engine: UE 5.2.1

I created a default VR project and used the VR Pawn.
Deleted the HandRight and HandLeft skeletal meshes from the Components menu.
Removed anything that required the HandRight/Left for input (you could just break the connections if you want to use the code later).
Then at the end of the BeginPlay node I set the skeleton type before initializing the physics. Before I was initializing physics and it wasn’t working.

It seems to generate a box collider from the wrist to first finger joint. I’ve tried adding a Physics Asset for more accurate hand collisions but it’s ignoring them, so I don’t know how this collider is created. Below is an image of what I’ve tried. I’ve already linked the Physics Asset through the hand’s Skeleton etc.