Oculus touch motion controllers thumbsticks axis don't do anything in blueprints on UE4.25

I would like to know why my oculus touch thumbsticks, even though I have enabled the oculus plugin, don’t do anything when I play in VR preview in the editor. The thing is that the pawn does not move at all when I move my thumbsticks. I have been searching for a very long time why this happens and nobody seem to have encountered this issue at the moment. I am a bit desperate right now.

Here is my setup:

Check if the correct buttons are mapped to the events in your Settings/Project Settings/Input. If set and it’s still not working, add a breakpoint to the input action event, make sure it triggers when you move the thumbstick.
Get the forward vector from your camera or pawn, not only from the yaw.


Finally! That solved the issue. Thanks a lot.