Oculus steals mouse input - how can i change this?

edit: im an idiot, the second link was the same as the first - i fixed that :slight_smile: please help :smiley:

Hi guys,

I have a little problem with my project and Oculus.

In my project I pick up and move items around by using these events:

And it works fine like you can see on this video:

The problem occurs when I plug in my Oculus - what happens is that my mouse stops detecting items below it and instead those Events (from the screenshot above) are being used by the Oculus with the centre of the display as mouse input - like you can see on this video:
How can I turn this off? I want my mouse to work exactly the same in both Oculus and non-VR.

I havent changed anything in the code or plugin, using the standard stuff.

Editor ver. 4.2

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Hey Talanar-

I confirmed this behavior on 4.2 however it has since been fixed for 4.3 and 4.4. Your best solution to this problem would be to move your project to a newer version of the engine as there will not be a hotfix for 4.2 for this issue. Thanks for the report and best of luck on your projects.


Hey , thanks for your interest in my problem :slight_smile:
I couldnt really wait as this was for my master thesis so I hacked my way around it but it’s good to hear the newer versions dont have this problem :]


Hey , I am working with Unreal Engine 4.6.1. I am observing issues with key inputs with Oculus. I get the first input fine but later I dont receive any inputs from mouse nor can i see the mouse. Can you please help me out on this? I dont have a good graphics card and hence the head motion with oculus is extremely jerky. However, i expected the mouse to be seen and mouse input to work which is not the case.

Also would like to know if there is a way to focus the camera to the right place in the level? It works in non-VR mode but not in VR mode.


Hey Ittiam-

The mouse not being visible in the Oculus is expected behavior. As the mouse is not stereoscopically projected it does not translate well in the 3D space of the Oculus. As for input, since the head cannot physically turn 360 degrees the mouse should allow for the character to “spin around.” However because of the body’s sensitivity to other movements, the roll and pitch, these have been locked to the rotation of the Oculus itself.

As for the camera question you asked, that would be better posted as its own issue since it doesn’t relate directly to the mouse. This will allow your question to have it’s own focus and be easier to search if others have the same question in the future.