Oculus rift question

Where can I find information on building for the rift with ue4?

I went and created a wiki page for it.
Check it out.

I may may a quick tutorial on separating view/movement too.

Thank you Kris!
I will try that.

any recommendations on what resources we should get up to speed for OVR integration? (e.g. is it plugin based or included in source?)

Thanks for that Kris.

I tried doing a six degrees of freedom game with the rift on udk3 and I had problems with the head movement moving the pawn which made everything uncontrollable. Thanks in advance if you decide to do that tutorial.

Are you looking over my shoulder or something?

Oculus Rift Separate View

Note that I did this with the version I have, which is the Unreal Engine 4 beta.
The code is straight from Ground Branch, with a slight bit of modification to remove freeaim/weapon positions.

Thanks Kris, you’re on a roll!

Hi Kris,

Fantastic to see that you are taking to the Wiki so well, and putting it to its intended purpose. As always, thanks for the help!

Not a problem sir.

It is the least I can do in return for the access I was given during beta, not to mention the public build.

Back on topic, I’ll have a bit more to add about in-game Rift settings & HUD creation once I’ve had the chance to play with it more.

Can this be overridden in the C++ game project or does it have to be changed at the Engine Level?

In the game module is fine.
That is how we do it in Ground Branch.


    /** Updates the rotation of player */
    virtual void UpdateRotation(float DeltaTime) OVERRIDE;


void AYourPlayerController::UpdateRotation(float DeltaTime)
    bla bla bla

With a some modifications to the base player controller, hmd class and possible blueprint function library, it would be possible in Blueprint too.
Something to look into :slight_smile: