Oculus Rift + Kinect v2 + Speech Recognition = Awesomeness

Recently I got access to a Oculus DK2 and Kinecvt v2 thanks to the University of Alicante (Universidad de Alicante) and I´ve started to develop a game where the human interface is your own body and voice.

The target was to try simulating, as far as possible, the reality.

The project is still an alpha release, just to present it to a meeting at this university, but alpha testers got impresed, getting a good feedback from them.

The plot: you are a magician, and you have to enter an ancient temple, sealed under a mountain, to find out the truth and fix the future of the world, or not…

Ill be posting more info and probably som dev log posts in my personal portfolio at www.nsabater.com but you can see the first public images here!

As you can see, most of the stuff was created by Epic Games to be used on Unreal Engine demos, like “Elemental Demo” or “Effects cave” but the enviroments have been completly rebuild, as shown in the next pics:
(Draws made by a teammate, Carlos Romero)

I would like to hear some feedback/suggestions from you!


  • Nes

In case you’re just using kinect for hand gestures then I suggests you using Leap motion VR
check this link : https://www.leapmotion.com/product/vr