Oculus rift hand tracking for a virtual avatar

Hi everyone

I’m rather new to unreal, I have already a character made in cc3 and exported do UE4 and it’s doing facial mocap perfectly with an iphone, I still don’t have a full body mocap suit but I was wondering if I could use the oculus rift controles as a getto hand capture devise, I been looking for tutorials but there nothing very specific to this task.

Any information will be highly appreciated

People have used the vive system to make a basic mocap suit but you need a number of trackers ($$$)
Matt Workman and others cover this in their youtubes. There is a marketplace item for mocap with vive.

I’m not aware of the Oculus Rift version but in theory you could probably connect each hand controller in a blueprint as an FK for each hand of a character.

If you have iClone in addition to Character Creator (and their FBX exporter) you can do some basic body and face recording with mouse controls.

There’s also free mocap that you can use. Some on marrket place (and some paid) and Mixamo (needs to use your skeleton but a range of actions)

I was wondering if iclone had an option like that

I will check all those options, again, thanks a lot for the info!

If I find a solution I will upload a tutorial of some kind

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