[Oculus Rift] A World's End

Here’s a showcase of a VR Game preview I submitted a week back to Oculus Rift. Hopefully it gets accepted and I’ll update my preview with a ready (but short) game once it’s up.

It’s a casual first person action/shooter that utilizes teleport to dodge. Easy mechanics and hopefully simple for beginners to use this as a start into VR. (Although restricted movement makes it less VR-ish).
Made using UE4.9.2 and runs on Oculus Runtime

A “grid-based” first person shooter action game. Cast spells, shoot projectiles, slow time and use other abilities to destroy your enemies.

Enemies will spawn randomly at specified locations. Blast your way through waves of enemies, dodge their attacks, finish off the boss and clear the level. Complete objectives to unlock different skills and worlds.
[9 specified locations for enemy spawns, and another 9 specified locations for player movements/dodges]

I’ve went for a simplistic approach for making the world environments (plus it helps reduces the lag)

World 1 - an attempt to get an environment that is believably realistic and artistic (chinese mountain-water paintings)

World 2 - an impression of a ‘void’ (not so much space/universe)

Some other Worlds have been done but I’m still in the midst of polishing the visuals. The overall framework - menu, world/level/skill selections, save game have been completed and will be uploaded once my preview gets accepted.

Adding more levels to current worlds (survive a level to unlock the next), adding more abilities, getting some characters/enemies, optimizing and enhancing visuals and adding in more audio.
Estimated time of completion: Mid-End Jan if I release Worlds 1 and 2 only, and add another month for another World (could be patched in subsequently).

Please give me any comments or suggestions!