Oculus Quest Web Browser

I’m trying to interact with a web browser widget, using the widget interaction component, works on PC, doesn’t work on the Oculus Quest.
**I simply need to be able to interact with a browser widget on the Oculus Quest. **:slight_smile:

Do only accept this mission if you really know how to make it work (that means you probably have an Oculus Quest).

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when u mean it works in pc , does you mean that its work in Oculus but not working in Oculus Quest ?

I haven’t tried on Oculus Rift. It works on PC in the editor with a mouse and keyboard. It doesn’t work on the Oculus Quest.

Hello, I’m encountering the same issue as Loeizd, I’m testing on Oculus Quest, but I really need this for Oculus Go. What would it take to hear the solution to this issue? Feel free to PM me.

I had two issues actually:

  1. impossible to click on the browser: solved by injecting javascript to click (there’s a BP node for that)

document.elementFromPoint(x, y).click(); 

  1. browser rendering size is capped at 500x500px, no fix for this one

Nice find! That’s going to be extremely helpful.

I have been experimenting with this widget a little bit. It appears that the rendering size is tied directly to the widget component’s draw size.
When I render the widget as a component of an actor, notice what happens when I change the widget’s draw size:

If I have time, I’d like to see if I can make some kind of “zoom” functionality either by hacking the web widget or by making an actor that shrinks as its UI draw size increases.