Oculus Quest: Slice, Grab, Attract/Impulse, Throw, Teleport, Destruction
I’m developing on the **Oculus Quest **via UE4 blueprints.

depends on sword velocity which is the 0 text that appears when you grab it: this value indicates the velocity (from 0 still to 10) and blade starts to slice when velocity is over 2 so that you can not slice without swinging the sword. Fast sword movement means more impulse on the slice.

distant grab can catch meshes or weapons. You can grab with one or two hands.
Basketball mesh has specific material bouncing properties.

you can attract force and grab objects or generate impulse and create explosions with both hands.

ones you have grabbed an object you can throw it far away: the strenght increases if you throw while moving your hand too.

you can teleport on ground walking with both hands click or versus a far away mesh (red cubes) with a single click. Movement can be slower and is smooth to avoid motion sickness.

on Quest and Androids, destruction is not possible, In my case I’m developing a destruction system based on random multiple slices all simultaneously on the same mesh. These slices divide the mesh in random geometry pieces that look like a destructible mesh.