Oculus Quest not being detected by Unreal Engine

My Oculus Quest is not showing up in the Launch drop down or in the Device Manager list even though it is showing up in adb devices. I set up my device and computer according to instructions online and it doesn’t seem to be recognized by the engine when I plug it into my PC at home. However, it works fine and I’m able to build to the Quest when connecting to my PC at work (I did the same setup for both computers).

I have even tried to manually add it in the Device Manager as an unlisted device, but that did not work as well.

Maybe check logs if there any errors showing there (Window->Development Tools->Output Log)

Just went through it briefly and can’t see anything popping out to me (no errors). I’m not sure what log message I would look for to get more info.

Hi,brianmcdevitt.One of reasons why it will not appear in launcher is the drivers,and the system cannot recognize it.Try to reinstall them for the Oculus Quest.Probably the better idea to find lower version of drivers,cause they also can cause the issues.

Cool I’ll give that a try. If its a Quest driver issue though, why would it work on my work PC and not my Home one? Could it be a driver issue on my home PC? Windows recognizes that the Quest is plugged into my Home PC and I can open its files in the File Explorer.

It also can be an issue with your Windows installation

I’m also having this issue running on Windows 10 Enterprise version 1903

TL;DR - check your cable is a data cable. The Oculus phone app turned off Dev mode when it updated recently.

I ran into this problem initially, and again recently.

Probably the better idea to find lower version of drivers,cause they also can cause the issues.

That is a terrible suggestion for debugging rooted in ignorance and desperation.

It also can be an issue with your Windows installation

Reinstall windows? srsly.

Maybe check logs if there any errors showing there (Window->Development Tools->Output Log)

These logs look like the startup log for the editor. There are no messages in the output logs for a working or non-working config about the Oculus Quest or specific Android devices. I haven’t found any UE logs specific to the devices, but stopped looking.

The second time may have been because I plugged the HMD into a different port after I’d started the editor. That’s speculation about what happened, but a common USB issue especially around USB hubs.


  1. I got past this problem by closing UE and rebooting this hog called Windows. Plug in the Quest, wait for the drivers to “settle”, then reboot windows, and start UE.

  2. Make sure you’re using a USB-C “data” cable. From memory, I think the Quest comes with a “charging cable” instead of a “data cable”. The Quest should show in File Explorer.

  3. In both the working and non-working situations, the Quest came up in the File Explorer. The order in which everything is mounted may be a problem - hence why the reboot may have worked.

That’s not an engineering answer, but if you wanted to do engineering on it, MS claims Network Monitor can help debug it. I started this but didn’t have to finish.

  1. adb devices when my phone hasn’t granted access and UE isn’t connecting to the Quest

C:\Users\>adb devices
List of devices attached
xxxxxxx unauthorized <-- phone

Same thing after granting OS access, but before USB debugging.

After granting the phone USB debugging:
C:\Users\>adb devices
List of devices attached
xxxxxxx device <-- Phone

UE4 sees the phone, but still no Quest.

Ran this to update ADB: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.22\Engine\Extras\AndroidWorks\Win64\CodeWorksforAndroid-1R7u1-windows.exe

Which downgraded build tools from 26.0.2 to 26.0.1. Which didn’t change anything.

  1. Lastly, and most frustratingly, when Oculus upgraded their stuff to version 9 two days ago, it looks like they reset the setting in the Oculus Quest App to turn on developer mode. Opening the Android App on my phone → Connect → Developer Settings → Developer mode → On.


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Hi there, I had this a similar issue: the quest was recognized by adb but not by ue4. The solution was going to Project Settings → platforms android sdk and verify the location of android sdk, ndk and jdk (When these fields are left blank, they fall back on a set of default paths used by the installation process)

More info at: Setting Up Android SDK and NDK for Unreal | Unreal Engine Documentation


Thanks, it worked!

FYI for others with this issue - you may need to set this even if your environment vars are correct.

My environment variables were all set correctly: (ANDROID_HOME, NDKROOT, JAVA_HOME). Android Studio set them up when installed… BUT Unreal did not see my Quest 2 until I manually set those values in the settings as you have suggested.
I literally just copy and pasted the values from my environment variables window to Unreal, then saved. Unreal instantly saw my Quest 2 after this, even without a restart.

Using Unreal 4.26.1 and latest Android studio as of 2021-03-26… sorry my computer is building shaders so can’t open Android Studio to verify version.

Hey everyone, my issue was resolved after I unchecked “Run this as admin” at the adb.exe in the Android SDK that unreal was pointing to.

Quest 2 showed up within seconds afterwards.

This solved my issue. Thanks