Oculus Quest Multiplayer

Hi Guys,

I have a quick general question about multiplayer on the quest and I’ve been trying to contact Oculus for the past week but to no response.

We have a small Arch Viz studio keen on developing walkthroughs for the Quest and want to integrate multiplayer into our projects and to have them available on release channels (Not on the main store but for instance the BETA channel).

My question is would I need to buy an Oculus enterprise headset in order to achieve? Because I don’t want to spend a thousand dollars on a service which I don’t need.

Any help would be appreciated thanks!

Do you want “local” multiplayer so that people in the same room have the same virtual distance and positioning as in the real room?

No, multiplayer as in someone in the UK can play with someone in the USA

If you need only positions for Player and Hands, just replicate them via tick.

If you want to grab things, have buttons etc.: VR Expansion Plugin - XR Development - Unreal Engine Forums

There are also some other VR plugins, but I don’t tried them. For the VRExpansion Plugin you get fast support.

Thanks for the reply but what I was looking to know is do I need access to Oculus enterprise in order to upload my app to the store and if an enterprise account is necessary to achieve multiplayer. By multiplayer I mean playing with people from different countries

I’ve tried doing this but whenever I launch to the quest from UE4 the quest can never detect any servers even though my Rift S can

Both really, sorry if it wasn’t clear in the original question. I have made an app for the quest and one of our clients would like to download the app remotely and the only way to do that is via a release channel. One of our upcoming apps requires multiplayer but I can’t seem to get multiplayer to work because it seems like Oculus is blocking this on the Quest platform. My enquiry is do I NEED to purchase an enterprise headset to achieve getting the app on a private release channel and to get multiplayer working on the app? I tried uploading the app via ovr platform utl but it wouldn’t let me upload any 6DoF apps.

Hmm okay I’ll have a look into multiplayer a bit more, do you have any links which might be helpful in regards to troubleshooting this issue?

I have tried this and it does definitely have an internet connection, it just doesn’t detect any servers

Yeah I was thinking that too, so that’s why I was wondering if Oculus enterprise is needed for online access for the Quest. That’s the thing, you can’t upload any Quest app to the store. I think you need permission from Oculus according to this article: https://developer.oculus.com/blog/submitting-your-app-to-the-oculus-quest-store/

Seems kinda ignorant on Oculus’ side as we need to pitch apps just to even test the multiplayer functionality and upload them to release channels?

Run your own dedicated server (s) and connect your clients to it via the normal LAN subsystem.

ah yah, I see. But what is the question about? Distributing the software or using services of oculus?

It seems more of a general problem with accessing the internet/Network from the Quest.

You might try the webbrowser widget for UMG. If you don’t get a connection there, you first should look into getting internet to run.

I didn’t do Quest development yet, but it might be that Oculus has a savety checkbox somewhere that prevents online access. It must be possible to access the Web, development or not.
Why shouldn’t you be able to share access to the app in development? Can’t you give your client access to dev channel where it seems you uploaded to already?

Sorry, can’t help you any further as I don’t know the oculus store.

I don’t mean Sessions. Just let your Server Run in a Static IP or give IT a Hostname and Connect from your clients with then openLevel Node or the commandline. Sessions are Not Always necessary :wink: I don’t know your exact requirements but for a Basic Multiplayer Experience this will Work.

Okay thanks! I’ll try and get a dedicated server running then let you know how it goes!

You can Just Launch with -server and -log commandline. It is Not a real dedicated Server Hut should so the Trick to get you ready for Testing quick

Do you think something like this might be useful to try out?