Oculus Quest build submission fails with: "APK is for 6DoF device only"

The body of the error message from the Oculus web tool is:

“APK is for 6DoF device only, and cannot be used on 3DoF mobile platform. You can set android:required="false" in android.hardware.vr.headtracking if the APK should be shared between GearVR/Go and Oculus Quest. The APKs for 3DoF platforms should be V1-signed.”

I do not see any facility within Project Settings to either change the “android:required” to “false” or to specify that my application is intended only for the Quest other than the setting for “Package for Oculus Mobile Devices” which is currently set to “Quest”

This is blocking us from submitting our application and distributing to stakeholders so there’s kind of a fuse on it. I’ve been all over the Google this morning and the only thing I found that seemed remotely plausible as a workaround was to hack a C# file involved in the build process (which doesn’t seem like either a good idea, or something that would be the intended best-practice.)

Update: Switching the Package for Oculus Mobile Devices back to GearVR seems to allow the upload and skips the above warning. However, sending invites for the ALPHA channel - the app only appears for users in their Go app. (Not a fix.)

I’ve been having the same issue and supposedly it’s because I selected Gear/Go development on the Oculus build dashboard when setting up the app. I guess you are supposed to contact Oculus and submit a proposal to get access to Quest deployment, even if you have no intention of releasing to the store.


Not sure if that’s the same issue for you but thought I’d throw out what the issue is for me.

Makes sense and if nothing else it’s worth trying. I sent an email to their support team (we’re not actually trying to ship into the store; just use their pre-release channels.) Thanks!