Oculus plugin compilation issue


I’m currently use 4.18 preview 4 binaries (downloaded through the launcher).

I have a problem that the Oculus handheld Remote doesn’t work when you also have touch controllers enabled (there is a bug in the Oculus plugin code). A few other people have found this issue and submitted pull requests which fix it.

I downloaded the Engine source code (tag 4.18 preview 4) and successfully compiled with Visual Studio 2017 (config: Development Editor). I have copied over just the Oculus plugin to my main installation directory.


However, the editor throws error on launch:

“Binaries for the OculusVR plugin are missing or incomatible with the current engine version.”

“Plugin OculusVR failed to load because module OculusHMD could not be found. Please ensure plugin is properly installed…”

I don’t really understand why I’m getting this issue when I’ve checked out the code for exactly the same version.

I have also tried compiling the just the plugin with the changes copied from the current binary installation, but it’s not straight-foward as it struggles to find lots of externals headers (D3D, Vulkan, etc.)

Any points in the right direction would be great.