Oculus Mobile/Audio SDK 1.0.0 in 4.10

So, is there any chance for Epic to bring Oculus Mobile 1.0.0 and Oculus Audio SDK 1.0.0 into Unreal Engine 4.10.1, please ?

Apparently it’s a difficult question :confused:

****. it’s crazy how essential a feature this is, and how little it’s been talked about. Any new/info from any Epic people?

So, meanwhile Oculus keeps making their software better. Can we have the following in 4.11 ? (or 4.11 hotfix)

Oculus Mobile SDK V1.0.0.1
Oculus Audio SDK Plugins V1.0.2

Just wondering why not to patch up binaries with current SDKs from Oculus. Is it because Oculus makes things difficult for easy updates or UE4 doesn’t have implementation that allows easy updates?

Hi folks,

We have no further plans to update the 4.10 release, but the 1.0 SDK will be supported in our upcoming 4.11 release (currently planned for the end of March). Mobile 1.0 is already supported in the latest 4.11 Preview version if you want to get started with it for early testing.

I could have swore I edited the thread title and changed 4.10 to 4.11 :confused:

Yes, 4.11 has SDK 1.0, but Oculus released an update and I was wondering if it would be a big deal to add it to 4.11