Oculus Mac support?

Hi - a couple of people have asked this in other forums, but I thought I might ask it here since it might be more visible…

One of the main reasons that peaked my interest in UE4 - apart from it being amazing, was to develop for VR, however I see that oculus is only supported on Windows at the moment. As it was my main reason for signing up I’d love to get an idea of when you guys will have a mac version that does :slight_smile:

In other words - pretty please? :slight_smile:

Good news! We’ve already begun work on it! Almost everything is in place, but we need to do a little more work with the fullscreening implementation, and get QA to verify it.

Hi Nick -

That is excellent news! I can’t wait to try it out.

The engine is fantastic - really the visual quality that as an artist I have been hoping for for a long time.


Looking forward to it

That’s great news. I’m having to use a bootcamp Windows install which is a pain. Looking forward to the update.

Excited to hear about 4.1 coming next week - Can we anticipate it having mac oculus support? :slight_smile:

With 4.1 out, it seems OS X still does not have Oculus support. Just wanted to point this out and hopefully get a time estimate on release.

It missed the cutoff for 4.1, but I’ve just enabled it and so it will be in the 4.2 release. For the brave of heart it is also available from the unstable master branch in github, commit #33dec704f1.

any idea on when the release of 4.2 will be?

Hi Guys,

I’ve just downloaded 4.3 and am trying to test the Couch Knight game with Oculus support on a Mac. Is it supported yet as I can’t see any settings but then again I’m a noobie to Unreal… Thanks

Use the Standalone Game option, then write “stereo on” (no quotes) from the console.