Oculus for a non VR game


I’ve created a mini game for a fair’s stand. The client want the game to be played in goggles (replacing a monitor ).
I do not want any head movement or stereo rendering. I just want the game to be displayed in the oculus.

When I run the package exe, the oculus stay black. Does someone has an idea of how to make this work?

Thanks a lot

For a use case like this you would be better off installing Virtual Desktop for Oculus and runnng your game through it.

in fact I can run the game in the editor and do a vr preview but if I want to play the exe from the package I have an error
like this:


Anyway when I play it in the oculus via unreal, the game is not made for VR… people will be sick… (quick camera mvt is really not a good idea).
I think I will have to buy some DJI goggles and plug them to the computer via hdmi.

But if you have any idea of what is causing this error I would be happy to know this for later use.

Looks like it is trying to play from a directory which does not exist. Did you package the game for Windows? Can you confirm that directory actually exists and is populated with the necessary content?

You should be packaging to a completely separate folder and run the exe from there. It looks to me you are running it from the Binaries/Win64 directory.

Yes the game is packed for windows. The directory exists as I launch it from there.