OCTOBER GAME JAM: Win Subscription Time! Theme Announced on Thursday's Twitch Stream

THIS WEEKEND, we will be hosting an Unreal Engine 4 game jam!
**This Month’s Theme - Bump in the Night



  • Make the most amazing game by yourself or with a team (up to 5) around the given theme in Unreal Engine 4.

  • Submit a download link to this thread before **midnight on October 26th. **

  • We will announce the theme on the October 23rd stream, when the jam will officially kick-off.

  • A small panel at Epic will judge entries on the following criteria:

  • Unique use of theme

  • Fun factor

  • Overall Visuals

The top 3 entries will each receive a code redeemable for one free month’s subscription per team member (up to 5)! We’ll be featuring the winners on the Twitch stream on October 30th, as well as posting winners to our official blog.

Happy developing, and good luck!


Blahhh I can’t participate =( Got a report that needs to be done on the 28th. Was planning on having a hackathon with osme mates on the 8th of november to do some UE 4, unfortunately, it’s too late by then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t need to win anyway though as I got the student version, but would still have been fun to participate xD

Love the idea of a UE4 jam but the prize seems a bit … off. Slave away for an entire weekend for $20?

:smiley: It’s for fun!

Let’s see what I’m abel to do (or if I will find some time ^^) :cool:

I’d think something like Marketplace credit makes more sense, since students don’t have to pay subscription fees, and one month is hardly much of a difference (unless that person is avoiding updates for cost reasons). Not saying it’s hugely important, but right now the prize doesn’t even register as a “thing” to me (the $19 a month is trivial to me to start with), so I’d only participate for the fun of it. Which isn’t a bad thing, but still…

Great idea , so i can’t participate because at the moment, no “skill” in Unreal Engine, but I’m curious to see what pro can do in 3 days.
Maybe next time not for the price ,but for the fun.

And thats cool but still seems a bit weak to offer 20 bucks and even try to make seem like a big thing with the whole underlined and exclamation mark
Might aswell just do it without the prize :slight_smile: not like epic couldnt afford something decent :slight_smile:

I’ve had the UE4 subscription for the last 45 days. So far I haven’t done anything, still watching the tutorials and reading the documentation (whenever I find the time out of my full-time job). I guess it’s a cool incentive this “challenge” to finally get my hands dirty and actually do something. I think I’ll apply and work on a small project I can complete. But I guess it’s going to be a hell of a weekend. I did my last web game using Flash a few years ago (probably 3 years), and I remember I had to spend at least 40hours to have a decent small game. The graphic design, level design, artwork, animation, music production, sound fx and programming are not that fast. Anyway, let’s see how far can we go this weekend. No social life whatsoever!

Quid says the theme ends up being Halloween.

How about 1st place gets a year subscription, 2nd-6 months, 3rd -3 months? A 20.00 prize is kinda :frowning:

lol, right?

you didn’t understand gamejam’s if you’re looking for monetary rewards. gamejam’s are for yourself, for fun, and for a little bit of glory and honor. :wink:

i copy paste the prizes section from ludum dare rules : ://ludumdare/compo/rules/
" There are no physical or cash prizes for the competition. Your prize is your product. "
It seems that offering a small gift for a free fun contest is worst than offering nothing. Maybe Epic would remove it.

Anyway, if i can deal with kids, i’ll be in and will try to do something.

Question : Will the theme be announced in this thread too ? (i am sure that i’ll not can see the thursday’s stream but i’ll can do a quick forum check to see the theme.

Gamejams are great for fun and also coming up with ideas on the fly. Might just take part on my own :smiley:

Hey there! I should’ve clarified that the prize is also for on your team, up to 5 people (updated above). Also, we’re showing the games off on the Twitch stream, they’ll be posted to our blog as well :slight_smile:

Didn’t Eclipse spin out of a game jam project? :cool:

Yep! This thread will have all the info after the announce!

Ill participate in this, maybe with a friend.

Great idea , this will be my first game jam

That’s an awesome idea! I’ll definitely participate, though I don’t know how much time I will be able to put into it yet.

I agree that the prize of $20 per person is a bit silly comming from one of the largest game dev companies.
Even small Indie offered much larger prize pools…
So my suggestion would be to either drop the prize LudumDare style, or change it to something reasonable and usefull for like market place credit.

I don’t think the prize pool should be too large though, since that tends to attract that just grab the cash without truly “participating”.
Still, there is a lot of room between $20 and where that starts to become a problem! :smiley:

Either way, for me the twitch+blog post mention are more than enough motivation, I probably would participate without any rewards offered to winners.

PS: There used to be swag bag giveaways for asking twitch questions… why not for the winners of this gamejam?