Octane Unreal Engine Plugin News 2019?

Anyone out there playing with the new Octane integration with Unreal?

Otoy was talking about it here too,

We are waiting impatiently :rolleyes:

I bought the All-Access Otoy package, which will include Octane Render 2019 and the Unreal plugin–which isn’t out yet…! I’ll report here once it is released (1st half of this year, they say).

I’ve seen otoy stuff occasionally over the years but still a bit unsure who it mainly aimed at?

I know unity got it a while back but is it mostly for rendering out cinematics or can it be used for games etc?

Is it paid or can individual creators make use of it and if so what for?

Any update on this?

Not yet. Here’s an unofficial update:

Yeah, and i like it so much on my GTX 1060 maxQ. I hope the path tracer on ue4 be as fast and GTX friendly as OTOY’s Octane.

do i need to buy octane to use it on unreal? i get a message saying i dont have any subscriptions