Octane offline gpu render vs Ue4 realtime

Just found this comparison…it’s pretty impressive how similar they look, and one is completely real time. Maybe not as clean as the Octane version but still…

it’s impressive! how did you the illumination? koola settings or yourself workflow?

It’s not my scene so I don’t know much about the details, sorry.

Lightmass is not realtime though.

It’s not but it’s pretty fast and you only do it once (unless you move things around). after that you can make movies, navigate in the scene, all in real time.

Yeah, != Real-time.

Not real time GI Lighting yes … but still real time.

You don’t really need global G.I if your scene is mostly made of static objects…which is the case of 99% or arch viz projects i’d say.

The appeal of real-time, for me, is to make movies on the fly without the huge and costly rendering.