Ocean with waves

Please help me…I am new to using game engine …i used cryengine free sdk but i stopped when i herd that i can get ue4 full version for free


so far i learned how to make a landscape…paint(not vertex painting though),how to add foliage
now i need to know how to make an ocean like this …i tried searching for tutorials but i didn’t find a complete tutorial…please help me on making an ocean like this …it doesn’t matter if graphics are low but atleast similar to this
please tell me how to create an ocean like the one at cryenigne…
please help me… its been 4 weeks since i started the the ocean and its ending up going no where

but this does not work for 4.8

please help me a bit more i did till Generating Heightmap …but after that i could not understand what to do…

this guy does a tutorial based on the wiki entry using render target lookup