Ocean deforming my landscape.

My ocean was flattening my landscape below the sea level so I unchecked the “Affect Heightmap” box in the “Landscape_WaterBrushManager” and now my landscape is back to normal (Not flattened). But now I cant lower the sea level in the “Water body ocean” anymore to line it up with my beach. Its locked into place so I can only see my mountains sticking out of the water. Does anyone know how to fix this please?

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Hi @Allwood91 You can create a copy of the Water Material from the Water_Material_Ocean. In that copy, uncheck the ‘Enable Water VS Mapping’ checkbox and assign that copy as your ocean material.
This trick comes from Sjoerd de Jong, it was somewhere in January 2021 Livestream presenting the Water System, where he showed some workarounds.
I hope, this is helpful to you.