Occlusion/Room culling on mobile

During a play test on my android device I noticed when I looked in certain directions the FPS slowed significantly - it was obviously trying to load up areas outside of the current playable area. Maybe this problem is more severe on mobile for some reason… but anyway, what are the best methods for dealing with this? I had some success with precomputed visibility (though using “ghost” mode, I noticed not everything seems to disappear, I’m not sure how it discriminates there). I haven’t tried the cull volume yet, but it seems like the opposite of the precomputed visiblity by working outside the play area. Which one is the best to use?

Is there something I can attach to the camera to cull things outside it?

I’m guessing best design method (FPS/top-down) would be having doors acting like teleport portals and each room bounded up with a precomputed visibility? Or designing connecting corridors in clever ways so things get culled while you are walking…

And then there are outside areas which I haven’t started work on yet, any good methods for slightly large landscapes?

precomputed visibility volume

I figured out the problem with some items “not disappearing”, I had some instances grouped across long distances… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, though it’s not handy for procedural content since it uses the lightmap. I imagine the cull volumes can be added dynamically…